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Save the Date
97th Annual Meeting
September 16-18, 2016
Seaport Hotel
Boston, MA

The NESS By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds electronic vote of the membership within 30 days following the Annual Meeting of the Society when it has been proposed provided that the proposed alteration has been approved by the Executive Committee and electronically circulated to the Society at least 60 days preceding the vote.

Since the 2014 Annual Meeting, the NESS Executive Committee has approved three proposed amendments to the Society By-Laws, which will be voted upon by electronic ballot within 30 days following the 2015 Annual Meeting.

  1. The first proposed amendment redefines Senior membership to start at a later age (five years later). This also requires an increase in the limit of Active membership, since there will be approximately 15 members each year for the next five years whose transfer to Senior status will be delayed. Fifteen members each year over five years equates to 75 extra Active members being maintained on the Society roster—thus the required increase in the limit of Active membership by 75, from 350 to 425. Please note that those who have already transferred to Senior status before the age of 65 will not revert back to Active status.
  2. The second proposed amendment creates a new Affiliate membership category for surgeons from geographic areas outside the New England states and within either the United States or Canada. By creating this new category, the amendment passed last year—which allowed surgeons who trained within New England, but have since moved outside the region yet still remain interested in the Society, to join the NESS as an Associate member—will be stricken, since those surgeons can now apply at the Affiliate category; the Associate member criteria will revert back as originally defined. Affiliate members must pay dues and actively participate in the Society; they also have the right to vote but may not hold office. This amendment also clarifies that not only Active but also Associate and Affiliate members automatically transfer to Senior membership upon reaching the designated age; in addition, since many Senior members live outside of the New England (for example, those Associate and Affiliate members who by definition live outside New England and then transfer to Senior status), the amendment further clarifies that only those who reside within the New England States shall have the right to vote and hold office. Finally, since Affiliate members must actively participate, that membership category is added to the participation requirement, as well as the ability to satisfy the participation requirement by co-authoring an abstract submitted for consideration for presentation at a Spring Resident research forum; this latter addition codifies a policy adopted by the Executive Committee in September 2013.
  3. The third proposed amendment allows Candidate membership applicants to be vetted through the GME & Candidate Membership Committee on an as-needed basis throughout the year, which permits for both more expeditious advancement of a trainee’s membership and a potential for longer periods of membership at the Candidate level and its requisite benefits
Read the proposed amendments.

NESS Job Board

The NESS is proud to launch its new Job Board, where you will find all of the best surgery jobs, in New England and beyond, in one place.

If you are seeking a job in surgery, visit the NESS Job Board to:

  • Search for and quickly apply to great, relevant jobs
  • Set up Job Alerts so you are immediately notified any time a job is posted that matches your skills or interests
  • Create an anonymous job seeker profile or upload your anonymous resume so employers can find you
  • Access job searching tools and tips
Job seeking is always free.

If you need to hire surgeons, visit the NESS Job Board to:

  • Place your job in front of NESS members
  • Search our resume database of qualified candidates
  • Manage jobs and applicant activity right on our site
  • Limit applicants only to those who are qualified
  • Fill your jobs more quickly with great talent
Our hope is that this new resource will make a significant difference for NESS members as they navigate their career paths.


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Journal of the American
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NESS Membership

The New England Surgical Society online membership application site for 2016 will be opening soon. When it does, new applications must be initiated by current NESS Active and Senior members via the Members Only Area. Each electronic membership application must be completed and submitted online by July 31, 2015, and all support letters must be uploaded by the applicant's three sponsors after receiving notification that the application has been completed (and before the state caucus during the Annual Meeting).

NESS Scholars Foundation

The NESS Scholars Foundation exists to provide financial support to enhance the clinical and educational opportunities of the membership of the NESS in their efforts to strengthen the discipline of surgery in New England. Learn more about the Foundation and how you can make a contribution.

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